Buffy Vampire Slayer DVD Box Set

Top Five DVD Box Set Bestsellers

The DVD, or digital optical disc storage format, was invented and developed by Sony, Toshiba, Philips and Panasonic back in 1995 as an alternative storage medium to the compact disc while retaining the same dimensions.

Today, one of the primary uses of DVDs is distributing multimedia content to consumers, with a number of fans and aficionados hooked to buying and watching DVD box sets to watch their favorite movies or TV series in a viewing marathon at the comfort of their living rooms. As such, we thoughtfully came up with a quick list of the bestselling DVD Box Sets in the market today, just in case you’re looking for some interesting flicks to watch over the weekend.

Hence, without further ado, we give you the World’s Top Five DVD Box Set Bestsellers!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete Series

One of the more successful vampire-themed TV series of all time, Buffy the Vampire Slayer portrays a range of plots, from the charming and angst-filled season one to the very dark final season. Overall, the series gives the viewers a fresher and more authentic feel compared to the other shows that came before or after it.

Rocky: The Undisputed Collection

Rocky, arguably, is one of the best boxing sagas of all time. Written and starred by no other than Sylvester Stallone, who plays Rocky Balboa, the film series has collectively grossed more than $1 Billion at the worldwide box office. The original Rocky and Rocky V were directed by John Avildsen, while all the others were directed by Stallone. The six films, in chronological order, are:   Rocky (1976), Rocky II (1979), Rocky III (1982), Rocky IV (1985), Rocky V (1990) and Rocky Balboa (2006).

Sons of Anarchy: Season Five

Created by Kurt Sutter, Sons of Anarchy is an American TV series about the lives of a tight outlaw motorcycle club in Charming, a made-up town in California. It centers on Jackson “Jax” Teller, the protagonist, played by Charlie Hunnam, the Morrow family and the other members of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. The series premiered on September 3, 2008 and is now on its sixth season, with a seventh and final season on the books according to the show’s producers.

Angel: The Complete Series

A spin-off of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer (ranked first in our list), Angel is an American TV series created by Buffy creator Joss Whedon in collaboration with David Greenwalt. Aired between October 1999 to May 2004, the series had five seasons all-in-all, with 110 episodes in total. It was produced by Wheldon’s production company Mutant Enemy.

Leverage: The Fifth Season

Leverage is a TV series that focuses on a team that focuses on levelling the playing field for people who have been destroyed by rich and powerful adversaries. Led by former insurance investigator Nate Ford, the five-man team consists of a thief, a grafter, a hacker and a retrieval specialist who uses their collective skills to fight corporate and governmental injustices. The show aired on TNT between December 2008 and December 2012.